We prove what you drink


• The TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) indicates the total amount of solids dissolved in the water such as microbes, arsenic, minerals, metals, salts.


The standards for excellent quality of purified water in the USA show the next parameters:


      • 0-50 PPM. Excellent water quality.

      • 50-100. Good water quality.

      • 100 and more PPM. Bad water quality, not suitable for human consumption.


Our samples indicate:


     • Water from a 5 gallon bottle: 115 PPM

     • Tap water: de 311 a 700 PPM

     • SPRING WATER: 10 PPM, and from 4-9 PPM months after the systems has been used.


The purity of the water SpringWater offers meets and exceeds the international standards for purified water.


Meets with the Mexican official norm NOM-014-SSA1-1993 of bottled water and NOM-201-SSA1-2002 of water for human consumption.


The system we use is endorsed by Water Quality Association and NSF